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Why choose Bryan?

For over a decade, Bryan has led the charge as youth advocate and specialist all over North America. As a vibrant and exciting speaker, Bryan energizes people to build resilience, be better leaders and be the best version of themselves. Bryan has positively influenced communities as a speaker and educator, administrator, at-risk youth specialist, pastor, and leadership Coach.

After the loss of his daughter, Bryan battled depression and mental health concerns. Through that process, it taught him so much about life and how to overcome adversities while managing day to day life. Through community, self-care, and a deep commitment to his healing, Bryan discovered tools that enabled him to take control of his mental well-being, which he now uses to empower others in their journey and challenges. .

Today, Bryan is a beacon of hope for people who are struggling with mental health. He shares his leadership strategies with students, schools, C-suite executives, directors and administrators and more, offering a message of resilience and strength in the face of adversity. Bryan aims to equip our younger generations with the necessary tools to thrive and lead in today’s world through speaking, leadership training, and workshops.

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Speaking Focus- Trainings- Workshop

Speaking Topics

Radical Empathetic Leadership: Shift the Culture


Turning Pain into Purpose

1% Better Mindset: The choice to grow daily

Mental Resilience and Overcoming Adversity

Power of your Choices


Elevate Your Excellence 

Leadership Workshops 

Student Life Workshop

Fitness Empowerment Workshop

Social Media Workshops Empowerment

These interactive sessions provide a dynamic platform to learn, grow, and develop crucial life skills, such as mental resilience, teamwork, and leadership. Though I do large speaking engagements, I also do classroom presentations and workshops. These presentations provide discussion, mindset transformation for the youth and the ability to connect with someone who deeply cares for their growth. 

I empower people to build the mindset and practical tools to enhance their methods and professional development. Workshops offer educators the chance to explore innovative teaching approaches, share best practices, and rejuvenate their passion for education. By participating in  these sessions, educators can gain fresh perspectives and strategies that empower them to create more enriching and effective learning experiences for their students.

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